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Hampshire Based Rare Coloured Jack Russell Terrier Breeders

Our rare coloured miniature jack Russells are short haired, short legged, smooth coated Jack Russell terriers with wonderful temperaments. We have been successfully breeding unique coloured Jack Russells for a number of years now.

They have been sourced and selected personally by us for character, body shape, appearance and colouring. We ensure the breeding dogs are always up to date with health and genetic testing, giving future owners peace of mind that their new family members will be strong and healthy.

The rare colourings of our dogs, including lilac and chocolate Jack Russells, are highly sought after - litters are never left without buyers.

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Thinking of buying a rare coloured Jack Russell?

Our Jack Russell Terriers are happy and healthy, plus are part of our family, so we make sure breeding is carried out in accordance to dog breeding licence regulations.

No single dog produces an unhealthy number of litters and we seek out non-local stud dogs to promote genetic diversity among the litters.

If you think you'd like to buy a rare coloured Jack Russell puppy, give us a call on 07853 188585 or email us on puppy450@hotmail.com to talk to us.