Meet Barney, our Little Jack Russell Stud Boy

Barney stands at 8 inches tall - he is short-legged, smooth-coated and has the lilac and tan dilute gene. He is very loving and friendly - he loves children and other pets.

He has sired average litter sizes of 6-7 per litter, with our own girls and to the public. His semen and genetics have been successfully tested, along with health checks, signed off by a vet as "in excellent health" and "suitable for stud purposes" with a "good scissor bite". Barney is also up-to-date with his vaccines and flea/worming treatment.

Pictures and videos of Barney can be seen below.


Barney will produce more chocolate and tan and dilute gene puppies when being used as stud to offspring. He is clear of DM, PLL, SCA, LOA and JBD, genetic diseases present in some jack russells.

Barney's results are as follows:

Result Meaning
AYLocus = n/n Barney does not carry gene responsible for fawn/sable coat colour
atLocus = At/At Barney h two copies of the tan points / tri colour gene
aLocus = n/n Barney does not carry the gene responsible for recessive black coat colour
BLocus = b/b Barney has two copies of the brown/ chocolate gene. All black pigment will be modified to brown/chocolate pigmentation.
DLocus= d/d Barney is homozygous for the dilution gene. He will always pass on a copy of the dilution gene to any offspring.
Elocus = E/E Barney does not carry the gene responsible for yellow coat colour. He will never pass on the allele for yellow coat colour.
EMLocus = n/n Barney does not carry the allele for melanistic mask.
Klocus = n/n Barney does not have the dominant black gene. The colour pattern is determined by the Agouti gene.
Slocus = N/S Barney has one copy of the MITF variant associated with parti-colour in some breeds.
LOA = N/N Barney is clear of Late Onset Ataxia
SCA = N/N Barney is clear of Spinocerabellar Ataxia
JBD = N/N Barney is clear of Juvenile Brain Disease (JBD) and Juvenile Encephalopathy (Epilepsy)
DM = n/n Barney tested negative for Degenerative Myelopathy mutation
PLL = n/n Barney tested negative for Primary Lens Luxation mutation

We can ship Barney's semen anywhere to you in the world:

Postage prices vary depending on the location - please phone or email us for an accurate quote.

Natural Mating

If you prefer to bring your girl to us for natural mating, we recommend 2 matings 48 hours apart.

We can also keep your girl with us for this time, although it is essential she is confirmed as up-to-date with her vaccines, worming and flea treatment.

Cost - £500

Jack Russell Stud Genetic Test
Barney's Genetic Test Results

Jack Russell Health Check
Barney's Health Check Results

Stud Dog Jack Russell Hants
Barney's SCA Health Check

Barney's LOA Health Check

Barney's JBD Health Check

Barney's DM & PLL Health Check

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